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“As a mama to four, I have a special appreciation of sweetly posed newborn photos. In the middle of the night holding a colicky baby, it is easy to forget how quickly the newborn stage goes by. Thankfully photographs can capture the pure innocence and peacefulness of a sleeping baby, so we can look back on them and remember just how little that incredible miracle was. "

Newborns are photographed between 7-10 days old. If you have a baby who is past the newborn stage, but not sitting up yet, you should consider having us come to your home for a lifestyle session. If you are expecting and interested in learning about my experience as a birth Photographer I would be happy to answer any questions or sit down over some coffee to let you get to know me. When you contact us to book a newborn session we put your due date on the calendar, then when you have the baby shoot us a text or email and we will find a day and time that next week that works for you. After booking a session we will send you a packet of information to help prepare for the session. Don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions!

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