Ben & Cayla {Engaged}

These two. They are made for each other and they don’t let anything get them down, including a cold, rainy New England day. We met up at Storm King Art Center in New York, I pulled up next to them grabbed my camera and shut the door. With the keys inside. I learned a couple things that morning. One, I have the most amazing clients who are patient and easy going. And two, AAA is a wonderful thing to have!

Ben & Cayla, thanks for being awesome! I am so excited for your wedding and through rain & locked cars, you guys rocked this shoot!!

One more special thing about this couple, we photographed their sister’s wedding this past May!! It makes my heart so happy when we get invited back to siblings weddings!




2016-11-17_0003 2016-11-17_0006

You two make such a beautiful couple!

2016-11-17_0007 2016-11-17_0008

2016-11-17_0011 2016-11-17_0009 2016-11-17_0010