Adam & Kathryn {Old Orchard Wedding}

Last week, Heather and I made our way to Hannibal, MO. A quaint little town where Mark Twain was raised. Even more exciting, Hannibal is home to one of the most amazing wedding venues, The Orchard. Adam & Kathryn got married under a huge silver oak tree, surrounded by family and friends. The love they share is strong, but their love for Jesus is even stronger! They live a mission filled life and I am so excited to see how God uses them, as His hands and feet.

The Orchard has been added to my list of favorite venues I have photographed. Everything the couple needed was there, and oh so beautiful!

The couple got ready in the old farm house. Married in the yard.  Danced the night away in the big old barn, across the gravel driveway.

The Details

Getting Ready

Adam and Kathryn chose to not see each other before the ceremony, but wanted to have a prayer together.

We were so honored to be able to capture the beautiful moment for them.

The Ceremony

Mine forever!

Bridal Party Portraits

And when we showing up matching the wedding party, a photo is in order 😉

Dancing under the stars

The Reception


Hope you two are having the best time in Mexico!!